Make an impact and convert sales faster with clear and focused messaging.

Your business—your brand—needs to speak like a market leader if it’s going to be one. Its voice needs to be confident, clear, and concise. Using my skills in journalism, copywriting, advertising and public relations, I will ask all the right questions to help you define that voice. Then I’ll channel it to create the content you need.  

Take the “meh” out of messaging and spark business growth now with a professional copywriter who knows how to write for a multinational audience. 



My Services


Blog Articles

Long- and short-form to keep your customers engaged.

Content Strategy

Know what you have to say and say it with regularity.


Client Success Stories

Tell the stories of your business impact.


White Papers

Dive deep into the topics that drive your business.

Social Media

Unify your web presence and build your audience.

Wordpress Setup and Maintenance

Build your brand using  one of the most popular and powerful tools on the Internet.

Why hire a Copywriter

Sometimes you just need to find your voice. But it’s not always easy to get started. Knowing what you want to say is easy, but knowing what you ought to say … not so much. You need to consider your audience, your media platform, and your competition if you are going to stay viable in a busy marketplace. Mike Rice has the skills to identify your needs, establish or channel a voice, and employ targeted messaging that gets results. So, what can you do when your cursor stalls after typing “The?”

Just get Mike Rice. He knows what words should follow.

About Mike Rice

Mike Rice is an editorial services professional with extensive experience writing creative copy and B2B content for multinational companies. A graduate of the University of Chicago and the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, Rice has lived and worked in China, Japan, Silicon Valley, and New York City. During that time, he has helped clients create strong, consistent voices for their businesses in white papers, financial reports, software documentation, and all manner of marketing collateral.  He also regularly edits and proofreads literary manuscripts for book publishers. Rice is fluent in English,  Chinese and Japanese.  

You can get Mike Rice for short- and long-term projects in the New York City area and remotely.  For inquiries, please use the contact form below. 

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